Bathroom & Laundry

Cabinetry for Bathroom & Laundry Rooms

As areas we go to get clean, having beautiful, functional storage is essential for harmony in your bathroom and laundry.

Choose bespoke cabinetry from Lee Brothers and relax knowing that we will create beautiful vanities, cabinets and shelving that will not only elevate your space, but last for years to come.

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Bathroom Vanities, Cabinets & Shelving

Are you renovating your bathroom, or perhaps planning a new build? Or simply looking for some additional storage solutions? The first step is deciding how much storage you really need in the bathroom. Think about whether you prefer drawer units, open-face shelving, cabinets with doors, or a mix of all three. Do you need lighting as part of your vanity? From there, Lee Brothers can help you choose materials, colours, and handles. Floating bathroom vanities are extremely popular, but if you are wanting a heavier material, these come with their own engineering requirements. Our technical expertise has seen us create seemingly impossible feats – such as large, marble-wrapped floating vanities that seem to defy gravity.

At Lee Brothers, we can help design the bathroom storage of your dreams. Visit our showroom in Rotorua, which has a large selection of cabinet colours, handles, and materials to choose from. Head back to our Cabinetry page to read more about what we can do, or browse our recent projects for inspiration.

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Laundry Storage & Mud Rooms

Laundry rooms and nooks in New Zealand houses often tend to just be a washer and tub, with next to no storage, save maybe a shelf. As an important part of the house, the laundry area tends to collect a fair amount of clutter besides laundry essentials. While you may not spend as much time here as the kitchen, creating a clean, tidy space to do your laundry is still a great way to help the house feel more organised. Lee Brothers can help create beautiful, bespoke, and fully functional storage for your laundry room.

Mud rooms are great additions for farmhouses, rural homes, or those off the beaten track. Usually found as throughways from a second entrance, they often get cluttered with boots, shoes, and coats. These nooks are just as important to keep organised. Keep dirt and grime out of the rest of the house by creating dedicated storage for items you usually keep by the door. If you’d like to have a sink in your mud room for washing dirty boots, we can also help you create a sleek vanity for this area.

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Need custom storage for laundry and bathrooms?

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