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Timber Window Frames

In New Zealand we have a long history of using wood as a building material, including for our joinery. If you have a classic home built before the 70s, chances are you have timber window units – timeless, beautiful, but perhaps in need of a refresh. We have worked with several clients recently who are in the process of replacing older timber windows or upgrading to double glazing.

Wood as a choice for window frames is also experiencing a resurgence among new build homes, as an attractive, sustainable, and durable option. This is particularly true of homes built near the sea, as timber frames can last a lot longer than aluminium when properly maintained.

As one of the region’s few timber joiners, we can help if you are in the process of replacing or upgrading your existing timber windows or creating window frames for new-build homes to comply with current building standards.

White Timber windows

Double Glazing

Are you in the process of upgrading an existing residence to double glazing, or building a new home? It’s important to consider the thermal insulation properties of your window units. New building regulations for the Bay of Plenty and Rotorua state that windows must exceed an R value of 0.46. This can only be reached either by installing standard double glazed timber windows, or costly thermally broken aluminium frames with top-spec double glazing.

It’s therefore now much more comparable in price to opt for timber window frames over aluminium joinery. Timber framed windows won’t lose excess heat in the winter and stay cooler in the summer, helping you save money on your heating and cooling bills.

If you are considering new wooden joinery, we can offer both single and double glazing. If you are looking to retrofit double glazing into your existing joinery, we can recommend a good glazier.

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