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Bespoke, Beautiful Kitchens

Get the bespoke kitchen you have always dreamed of from Lee Brothers. As the most important part of the home for many people, it’s important to get it right. Our kitchens are fully customised to every client, and we offer a full service, from your original inspiration all the way through to installation. Your new kitchen will be entirely bespoke, fully customised to meet your tastes, specifications, needs, and budget. We are members of the National Kitchen & Bathroom Association, an enduring mark of quality.


The Lee Brothers Difference

Our kitchens are not like the kind you will find in a hardware store – nothing we make is “off the shelf”. Every kitchen we craft is built to last, from high quality materials, measured to perfection to fit your space. We even have some clients who have had their Lee Brothers kitchen for decades that continue to make them happy today.

At your initial consultation in our showroom, you can view mood boards, try out some optional features, and discuss colours, budget and design preferences. During the design process, we will work closely with you on the various elements in your new kitchen to make sure you get a kitchen you love that will last for decades to come. Read more about our process for starting a new kitchen project with us.

Below are some of the key areas to think about when planning your new kitchen. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about your kitchen, or you’re ready to go ahead and start designing.

Custom bespoke kitchen with white cabinetry and walnut details

Cabinetry Colours & Material

At Lee Brothers the most common material we use for kitchen cabinetry is Melteca (a brand of melamine). This is a low-pressure laminate that is easy to work with and can be made in many different colours. We use an 18mm thickness, rather than the 16mm you will find in very cheap kitchens. This means it will be more durable and last longer.

The first place to start when planning your kitchen colour scheme is with the cabinetry, as this is usually the largest area of colour. Smaller kitchens can benefit from a lighter cabinetry colour, while kitchens with lots of natural light can handle bright or darker colours like navy blue or forest green.

Some people opt for timber veneer or even solid timber cabinetry if they are looking for a natural wood look. This is a more expensive option but can be beautiful in both modern and classical style kitchens. Timber accents are also a great way of bringing a subtle hint of wood into your kitchen via negative details, benchtops or shelving.

Acrylic is another option for cabinetry, as it is durable, has good moisture resistance and can be cleaned easily.

custom cabinetry

Benchtop Material

As your daily work surface, choosing the right benchtop is crucial not just for looks, but also for function. There are some key differences (and cost) between the various benchtop options available.

Formica is the most common, entry-level option for a benchtop. It is a man-made, high-pressure laminate that can be made in many colours and to any shape you need. It is not porous, so doesn’t stain too easily, but is not heat resistant so care must be taken when placing hot things on a Formica benchtop.

Engineered stone has come a long way since its invention, and now offers a way to get the feel of natural stone at a lower price point. There are fewer colours available than Formica, but your benchtop will have a uniform colour with fewer flaws than choosing natural stone. Engineered stone is made from around 96% quartz with resin, so it can briefly handle a hot pan, but it’s still best to use a board underneath. It is porous, so requires sealing. Our high-quality engineered stone suppliers include Ceaserstone, Duraquartz, and Trendstone.

This includes granite, the most common type of natural stone benchtop, and marble. While all granite slabs have similar characteristics, the colours will vary between slabs. There are some incredibly beautiful granite slabs that can be found, perfect if you are looking for a unique benchtop. If you choose granite for your Lee Brothers kitchen, you will be able to choose your slab at our stone suppliers. Natural stone is porous, so cleaning up spillages quickly is important to avoid staining. As a natural product, there are sometimes flaws, which can cause chipping.

Other benchtop materials include porcelain, stainless steel, concrete, and timber.

Stainless steel offers a hard-wearing and hygienic option – it’s very easy to keep clean. While it may be associated more with commercial kitchens, when tastefully paired with natural woods it can be sleek and beautiful.

Porcelain is a relatively new type of benchtop material, also known as ceramic or ultra-compact. These benchtops are highly durable and non-porous, so are great for a more hard-wearing kitchen. They are very heat resistant, meaning you can place hot pans on the counter without worrying. Their designs are printed onto them before being kiln baked, so patterns are only present on the surface and not all the way through.

Timber or bamboo benchtops can bring a warm feel to your kitchen, and are available in many types of wood, but do require regular oiling or waxing to maintain.

Storage Layout – Drawers or Cabinets?

Another thing to consider is what type of storage you would like to have in your new kitchen. Some prefer to have lots of drawers, including larger, more heavy-duty drawers for storing pots and pans. Others prefer cabinets, including overhead ones. Drawers are more costly than cabinets, especially if opting for premium soft-close drawers or those with high weight tolerances.

Our showroom has a range of storage options including space saving features you can look at when you visit for your consultation.

drawers and cupboards

Hardware – Fittings, Fixtures, Handles

Do you want to keep it classic with stainless steel, or opt for trendy matt black or brass fixtures? We have a range of mood boards in our showroom to help you choose your perfect kitchen feel.

kitchen knobs hardware

Sculleries and Pantries

What kind of food storage do you need for your scullery or pantry? There are a wide range of clever options available for pantries to help you organise your food, seasonings, and essentials. We can help you design a bespoke scullery or pantry that works for you.

pantry scullery by lee brothers

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