Custom Storage

Custom Storage Cabinetry Solutions

Choose bespoke storage solutions for your space and everything will be tailored not just to fit the space, but to give you the functionality and design that you need to make life easy. Whether it’s a new walk-in wardrobe or a full garage re-fit, custom storage from Lee Brothers is built to last.

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Custom Fitted Wardrobes

Having proper, custom-fitted storage in your wardrobes can make a huge impact not only on having your clothes feel more organised, but also keep them fresh for longer, and adds value to your home. Every person has different needs from a wardrobe, so the first place to start is to decide what kind of wardrobe storage you need. If you have lots of long clothing, you may need some high rails; do you prefer open-faced shelving over drawers? How about using premium soft-close drawers with high runners, to fit more clothes in? We can also add scallops to the drawers to improve air flow and allow you to see inside while the drawer is closed.
Lee Brothers designs bespoke storage for walk-in wardrobes, reach-in wardrobes, or open wardrobes. We also make doors, including sliding doors, so the options are endless.

The beauty of having a Lee Brothers wardrobe is that everything we make is fully customised to your space, needs, taste and budget. We make all our cabinetry on site in our Rotorua workshop, and we will work you from the design stage all the way through to installation. So, all you need to do is start planning where to put your clothes!

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Garage Storage

Got a cluttered garage in dire need of some custom storage? Lee Brothers can help. We create bespoke cabinetry and shelving for garage storage. If you have any specific requirements for items like storing heavy tools or sports equipment, as everything we do is custom fitted to your space, we can tailor a garage storage solution that works for you.

Custom Garage Storage

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